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AUSTRALIA GALLERY • My journeys to Down Under - 2005/2006 •

Mangrove Sundown Kuku Yalang Tribesman Treescape Sugar Cane Cairns Harbour How are you today?

Feeling Blue Walls Within Walls River Morning Two Mums Early Morning Gumtree Cloudy Morning

Tasmanian NP
Shimmer Dove Lake 2 Salmon Coloured Lychen Seaweed Nature's Jewels Tasselated Pavement

The end of the Day Morning mist Wind Farm Rocks 1 Mother and baby Piggy back ride

The Grampians
Rainforest Magic Gum Bark Splitters Falls Water and Moss On the Edge Long way down

Victoria Coast
Footprints Last light Promenade London Bridge Twelve Apostles Cave View

New South Wales
Parrot Surfing 2 It helps if you start young Earl loves Sherry... Last Light Together

Pavement art 1 Pavement Art 3 Pavement Art 4 Water Taxi Sydney Opera House Sydney

Kangaroo Island
Remarkable Rocks Remarkable Rocks Remarkable Rocks Remarkable Rocks Remarkable Rocks Remarkable Rocks

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