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Welcome! This is my little part of the net and the site is a digital photography gallery, a place to share my pictures with people who may hopefully get as much enjoyment out of them as I do. All the pictures displayed are unashamedly my very personal choice and the subject matter is fairly restricted to my favourites only. As you will no doubt realize this is mainly nature, with particular emphasis on plants and landscapes. I find travel photography very enjoyable and I hope that I will be able to share more of the wonders of the natural world with you in my travel galleries.

Just a few words about me: I am an architect and a very keen amateur photographer. I have been using film SLR cameras for years, but having switched to digital in March 2001, I have never looked back. My first digital camera was a Sony Cybershot DSC S70. This was soon augmented by another Sony, Cybershot F717. Although the F717 is an excellent camera I eventually succumbed to the lure of a digital SLR, Canon 5D.


Well, have fun browsing the site. I would very much appreciate your feedback, so please sign my guestbook. Check this site again, as it is evolving slowly but surely and will be constantly updated and hopefully improved.

Please note that all the contents of this site is copyright protected. If you are interested in copies of any of the images please contact me.

Credits: I am indebted to my friend Erhard Johnigk, without whose help this website would not be on line.


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